Pacific Rim Real Estate Society
26th  Annual Conference, January 19 - 22 2020
 Canberra, Australia

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The Built Environment Beyond 2020




Keynote Speakers

Monday Dr Sorada Tapsuwan

Tueasday Prof Graeme Newell

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  • 19th - 22nd JANUARY 2020 CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA



  • Monday 9:15 - 10:00 Dr Sorada Tapsuwan


  • Dr Sorada Tapsuwan is a Senior Research Scientist (specialisation in environmental and natural resource economics) with the CSIRO Land & Water. Her work centres around the application of economic instruments to assist in efficient and equitable management of scarce natural resources. She is an expert in non-market valuation and has valued environmental assets using a variety of techniques, including contingent valuation, choice modelling, travel cost and hedonic property price methods, across a wide area of research domains, such as marine park management, urban water demand and supply management, rural and irrigation water management, transportation, land use management, technology adoption, biosecurity management and climate change.

Tuesday 9:00 - 10:30 Prof Graeme Newell


  • Graeme Newell is Professor on Property Investment at Western Sydney University; he has over 40 years’ experience in property education and research. Graeme has strong links to the property industry; both in Australia and internationally. He has published extensively in the property journals such as Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Property Research and Journal of Property Investment and Finance, as well as having obtained significant research funding over many years. Graeme has strong links to PRRES since it was established, as well as to ERES, ARES, AsRES and IRES
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