Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) Annual Conference

PRRES holds a conference in late January each year.  The Conference aims to nurture and advance understanding and cooperation in the rapidly changing environment of property education and industry. With Australian and International speakers at the forefront of research and policy-making, the conference offers a challenging professional development experience and networking opportunity.

You are invited to the 2023- Twenty- Ninth Annual PRRES to be held in Sydney, Australia

January 15 - 19 2023

  • The PRRES conference has achieved an A rating with the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative

  • The PRRES conference attracts delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Taipei, South Africa, England, America, Canada, Germany and Spain;

  • The conference typically has around 100 academic papers covering widespread research activities in property;

  • PhD Colloquium program is a full day program for PhD students with presentations covering the likes of property valuation, property taxation, real estate development, property investment, listed property companies and REITS.

  • PRRES Case Study competition: The competition provides students with a real life business situation in the form of a case study. Based on the case given, teams are to conduct in-depth analysis and create a proposal/strategy on how to move the business forward. Business case competitions share a vision of fostering personal development of the students who take part. They allow opportunities to improve analytical, team-work, communication & presentation skills. Students are able enhance their problem solving ability & develop skills across various business disciplines, including finance, marketing, operations, management & problem solving;

  • Industry Day: These sessions will be presented by leading property professionals, focusing on specific issues relevant to the property industry in the next millennium. A high level of participation by local property professionals is expected;

  • The conference encourages networking opportunities at the Welcome Reception and Conference Dinner.

2022 - Twenty- Eighth Annual PRRES held online

2021 - Twenty- Seventh Annual PRRES held online

2020 - Twenty- Sixth Annual PRRESConference  Canberra, Australia

2019 - Twenty- Fifth Annual PRRES Conference, Melbourne, Australia

2018 - Twenty- forth Annual PRRES Conference Auckland, New Zealand

2017 Twenty-third Annual PRRES conference Sydney, NSW, Australia
2016 - Twenty-Second Annual PRRES conference Sunshine Coast, Australia
2015 - Twenty-First PRRES conference  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2014 - Twentieth - PRRES Conference, Lincoln, New Zealand
2013 - Nineteenth - PRRES Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2012 - Eighteenth - PRRES Conference, Adelaide, South Australia
2011 - Seventeenth - PRRES Conference, Gold Coast, Australia
2010 - Sixteenth - PRRES Conference, Wellington, New Zealand

2009 - Fifteenth - PRRES Conference, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2008 - Fourteenth - PRRES Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2007 - Thirteenth - PRRES Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia
2006 - Twelfth - PRRES Conference, Auckland, New Zealand
2005 - Eleventh - PRRES Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2004 - Tenth - PRRES Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
2003 - Ninth - PRRES Conference, Brisbane, Australia
2002 - Eighth - PRRES Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand
2001 - Seventh - PRRES Conference, Adelaide, South Australia
2000 - Sixth - PRRES Conference, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
1999 - Fifth - PRRES Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1998  - Fourth - PRRES Conference, Perth, Western Australia
1997 - Third - PRRES Conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand
1996 - Second - PRRES Conference, Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia
1995 - First -PRRES Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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